Street Jumper - Your Personal Delivery Partner

The easiest way to move things around the city.

A reliable ride for all your goods

Street Jumper aims to revolutionize the way local goods move around the city. Our urban logistics network and on-demand platform connects the customer to a delivery boy, the Jumper, who offers personalized service and completes the assigned task.

Save time on all your day-to-day chores by using StreetJumper – be it getting groceries from your local kirana stores, food from your favourite restaurant, medicines from the chemist, or that bag you left at your friend’s house by mistake! Now, everything is just a few taps away!

How it works

  • Choose delivery type & set pickup, drop-off points
  • Call, chat, exchange product images to explain order details
  • Real time tracking
  • Rate the Jumper – your feedback matters

Every shop, every friend is now within your reach.

Everyone has got only 24 hours a day. We want you to use yours most efficiently.

  • Instant, on-demand service! One Jumper at a time, especially for you. Now no need to wait for anything.
  • We deliver anything, absolutely anything - food, grocery, medicines, clothes, stationary, electronics etc.
  • Jumpers can carry up to 25kg weight at a time. They travel on motorcycles and have huge backpacks.
  • Delivery fee start at Rs. 20. Charges depend on distance and time. Way cheaper than the value of your time.
  • We are launching our services in the Pink City first. Will be moving to other cities super soon.
  • We start working at 11 am and services are available till 8 pm.

First delivery is free! There is no reason to not try it.